Transformations of Public Space

Architecture and the Visual Arts in Late Modern Istanbul 1950-80

260 kr

Labraunda 5

The Andrones

700 kr

Cornelius Loos in the Ottoman world

Drawings for the king of Sweden 1710-1711

530 kr

Dragomanen 21/2019

Öppna arenor och slutna rum

89 kr

Dragomanen 19/2017

Förflutet och bevarat

89 kr

Labraunda 4

Remains of Late Antiquity

636 kr

Islam and the Quest for Modern Science

Conversations with Adnan Oktar, Mehdi Golshani, Mohammed Basil Altaie, Zaghloul El-Naggar, Bruno Guiderdoni and Nidhal Guessoum

260 kr

Istanbul as Seen From a Distance

Centre and Provinces in the Ottoman Empire

260 kr

Contested Sovereignties

Government and Democracy in Middle Eastern European Perspectives

149 kr

Education in ‘Multicultural’ Societies

Turkish and Swedish Perspectives

149 kr

Gypsies and the Problem of Identities

Contextual, Constructed and Contested

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