About The Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul

Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul (SRII)

The Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul (SRII), is an Istanbul-based Swedish multidisciplinary research institute. It was founded in 1962 as one of three Swedish research institutes in the Mediterranean region. The other two were located in Rome (founded in 1925) and in Athens (founded in 1948). In 2000 an additional institute was established in Alexandria.

The aim of the SRII is to promote research activities on an academic level in and on Turkey, West and Central Asia, particularly within in the humanities and social sciences. Disciplines and/or fields of study that are traditionally represented at the institute are Oriental literature and Linguistics, Archaeology and Art history, Classical and Byzantine studies, West Asian history (with special emphasis on Ottoman and modern Turkish history), Sociology, Anthropology, Educational studies and Political science, including international relations.