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ISBN10: 919788135X
ISBN13: 9789197881357
Pages: 232
Published: 2016
Binding: Hard cover
Language: eng

Labraunda 4 : Remains of Late Antiquity

By Jesper Blid

SEK 636

SEK 600 excl. swedish tax

This study focuses on a quantitative analysis of Late Antique remains that have been recorded at the sanctuary of Labraunda from 1948 to 2011, and that date mainly to the period c. AD 300-600. The study comprises of all the diagnostic material from Late Antiquity found at the site, including architecture, architectural sculpture, ceramics, glass, inscriptions/graffiti, coins, organic remains, and various other small finds. The architectural remains include two church complexes, a residence with a tetraconch bath, and several rebuilt structures within the ancient temenos.